AP management for CenOS 5.0

Centralized AP Management / Control

  • AP Group management –maintain a set of setting templates that simplify the task to assign the same setting to multiple APs
  • AP-Automatic configuration and provisioning by DR-3000
  • Locally maintained configuration profiles for managed APs
  • Auto discovery for managed APs
  • Automatic recovery of APs in case of system failure
  • Central firmware Upgrade-Select multiple APs and upgrade their firmware at the same time, including bulk upgrade
  • Remote Firmware upgrade
  • Zero configuration technology to restore broken AP’s setting onto its replacement AP
  • Provides MAC address Control list of client stations for each managed APs
  • Support Roaming – Intra-Switch, Inter-band, Inter-Switch
  • Provide centralized remote management via HTTP/SNMP interface
  • Support MIB’s: 802.11, 802.1X, MIBII, RADIUS authentication, RADIUS Accounting
  • SYSLOG support including remote servers
  • Log-system log: operator action log


AP Monitoring

  • Monitor AP Status
  • The number of associated clients to the AP
  • The AP RF information
  • Associated Station List
  • Monitoring IP List
  • Load balancing based on number of users
  • Load balancing based on utilization
  • AP User Statistic –Maintain all wireless clients connection history and depict statics in diagrams
  • Alert-Summarize abnormal status in the alert window
  • System alarms and status reports on managed APs
  • TP Topology Monitor-list monitored device; periodic update on device status



Monitoring and management

AP management for CenOS 3.0

Cerio’s CenOS 3.0 core AP management series includes software (CWMS) and hardware controller to quickly and easily manage and monitor CenOS 3.0 managed APs.