Efficient integration management device

  • Support multi-WAN Outbound load balancing
  • Load balancer support assign Weight and Line Speed Weight
  • Support 802.1Q VLAN Tag

Cerio’s management controller support multi-WAN load balance can accord network application requirements, setup WAN/LAN rule of user flow.



Cerio’s management controller support 802.1Q tag VLAN

VPN Independent chip and HA support

Basic firewall protection

Cerio’s management controller support basic firewall protection can ensure network security. Built-in DoS defense mechanism and protocol filter and administrator can monitor user’s traffic information.

Built-in System log server

System log server not only can collect local status information, but also collect all the information for managed APs include RADIOS/Session/web authentication and system Log. The log server of this server can be audited or debugged in the future

The log server can manage the size of the storage space and keep the Log time, but also through the E-Mail way to send.