Cerio`s PoE accessory series includes a wide range of products to meet any PoE device requirements. We differentiate our product line by data speeds, power source, output PoE, and product type. Cerio PoE accessory product types include PoE injectors, splitters, and converters. Our PoE accessories offer an economical subsitute for switches in small deployments or pre-established network architectures.

Power over Ethernet Type

Cerio`s outdoor wireless series are high performance and high quality products designed for rugged outdoor deployment. Our expertise in hardware and software design provides a powerful and durable line of outdoor devices for all types of network deployment. This extensive product line offers reliable products operating on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Dual-Band frequency bands.

Data Speeds

Our line of PoE accessories are avaliable in 10/100Mbps and 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit data speeds, allowing customers to select the product that best suits their network architecture. The wide range of options we offer allow users to conveniently deploy additional PoE devices to existing networks without the hassle of restructuring the network architecture.

Power over Ethernet Splitter

Cerio`s PoE splitters are great devices for minimizing cabling when deploying additional network devices. Non-PoE devices requiring a DC power input and ethernet connection for data transfer can use our PoE splitters to conveniently supply both. Our PoE splitters bundle a DC power cable so users can immediately install their network device.

Power over Ethernet Injectors

The most popular type of device in our line of PoE accessories is the PoE injector. These devices provide both power and data to single PoE devices such as access points and IP cameras.This allows network administrators to conveniently add additonal devices to the network architecture, without having to replace existing devices.

Power over Ethernet Converter

Our PoE Converters are valuable devices when deploying PoE devices that utilize a Passive PoE design. When users wish to add a Passive PoE device to an existing 802.3af/at standard PoE network architecture, they can simply use our PoE converter to transform Passive PoE devices into 802.3af/at compliant devices. Cerio PoE Converters have dual functionality, and can also be deployed as a Passive PoE injector when using a DC power adapter input.

Multiple Power Input Options

Many of our PoE accessories offer multiple options for inputting power. These options allow our devices to fit into pre-established network designs, avoiding any inconvenience of adding or altering the network power source. Cerio PoE injectors support power input through a DC power jack and a Terminal Block (green). Cerio PoE converters support power input through 802.3af/at PoE, as well as DC power adapters.

Simple Plug and Play

Cerio PoE accessories are plug and play devices, which can be quickly and easily deployed to meet your PoE requirements. This easy-to-use design reduces costs and greatly saves time when setting up additional PoE devices.

Gigabit PoE Injector / Adapter Comparison List
Product Type Internal Power/Injector External Power / Injector 24Volt Converter or Injector
Product Model POE-G30 POE-S48G2 POE-PE03GE-24W POE-STG
Products Picture g30 s48g2 POE-PE03GE-24W poe-stg
Hardware Specifications
Max PoE Power 30 Watt per 1port 24Watt per 1port 24Volt PoE ( 24Watt ) per 1 port
Ports of PoE 1 RJ-45 10/100M Port : Data in
1 RJ-45 10/100M Port : Power+Data out
1 RJ-45 Gigabit Port:Data in or Power in
1 RJ-45 Gigabit Port : Power+Data out
PoE Type Endspan / A-Type ( PIN 1/2&3/6 ) Midspan / B-Type ( PIN 4/5& 7/8 )
ESD Protection Design N/A V (ESD 7KV) External Ground Cable
(140mm /20AWG)
Screw Terminal Block N/A Removable 2-contact N/A
IEEE 802.3af / at PoE  Yes / 802.3af ( 15.4Watt ) / 802.3at ( 30Watt ) Standard No / Passive PoE
( Compatible  to 48V 802.3af )
No / 24Volt Passive PoE
Power Connector (Interface) Power Cord Plug DC-Jack : for bundle Power Supply
or Screw Terminal Block
DC-Jack 802.3af/at PoE Ethernet Power In
or DC-Jack
Power Requirement 54Volt 48Volt DC in : External 48Volt DC / 0.5A power Ethernet in : 802.3af/at Powe source equipment
DC in : External 24Volt DC / 1A power
Input Voltage 54Volt 48Volt 48Volt( with bundle Adapter) 44~57Volt 802.3af/at PoE or
24Volt ( by bundle adapter )
Dimension ( W x H x D ) 155 x 67 x 33.5 (mm) 80 x 68 x 24 (mm) 41 x 54 x 23 (mm) 73 x 78 x 23mm
Form Factor Wall mounting / Units Combination Wall mounting Wall mounting / Units Combination Wall mounting
Product Model POE-G30 POE-S48G2 POE-PE03GE-24W POE-STG

PoE Comparison List