Mounting Solution :

Cerio designs and customizes eXtreme Power Networking products and solutions that offer quality services to the global market. We have devoted years to diversifying our design to actualize a line of products and solutions that can be deployed in any imaginable situation. Through our product mounting solution diversification, users can easily find devices that perfectly suit their networking needs. Cerio products are easily and reliably deployed in any situation as a result of our dedication to mounting and weather resistant innovation and design.


Cerio eXtreme Power

Through our unparralled expertise in technical RF tuning and product design, we at Cerio have incorporated Power Amplifiers into our Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) to create our line of eXtreme High Power Wireless Routers and Access Points. Our product design’s increased power facilitates improved coverage of a wireless network, allowing for a stronger and more reliable connection with clients. Our dedication to product design and coverage capability has enabled us to truly surpasses our competitors in product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Smart PoE Bridge Application

Conveniently supply both power and data to subsequent APs/Devices (IP Camera, VOIP) through the PoE Bridge Function. This allows for convenience in structuring your network infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional power cables.

Supports PoE Bridge function to allow power to be passed on to subsequent 802.3af/at PoE devices

* Suitable for large-scale construction case, combined with Cerio management models to facilitate centralized control

* Integrates a long-range power amplifier and high sensitivity receiver to deliver unmatched reliability and performance at large coverage application

* Through the Power Over Ethernet, even no power socket location can also be installed successfully