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1. CenOS 5.0 Access Points can be centrally monitored and managed by AM-5000 AP Management Controller
2. When deploying CenOS 5.0 core, access points can use CAP Mode to centrally manage medium sized networks of up to 128 APs through Cerio’s Controller-Less Wireless LAN architecture, or use AM-5000 to manage large scale networks of up to 500 APs

Ideal Deployment



Wireless Access Point Hotel Solution

VLAN Tagging for Hotel Deployment

VLAN Tagging effectively marks packets with a VLAN ID to determine which VLAN the packet belongs to. This allows hotels to deploy multiple VLANs (eg. Guests / VIP) on a port, and distinguish which network each packet belongs to.

CERIO’s hotel solution CenOS 3.0 access points can be centrally managed through CWMS (AP Management Software) or AMR-3204G. Devices operating in CenOS 4.0 can utilize Controller AP Mode (CAP) for providing centralized management in smaller network applications.

Provides management for CenOS 5.0 devices and can handle much larger numbers of device and client management/authentication.


Hotel Application Features and Advantages

Hotel Wi-Fi- Today’s vacationers and business travelers often bring with them multiple mobile devices per person. This increase in mobile device usage has skyrocketed the importance of Hotel Wi-Fi.

Travelers Rank Internet/Free Wi-Fi as the most important In-room Amenity. Hotel guests now expect both free and fast Wi-Fi during their stay, making hotel wireless a crucial deciding factor for hotel satisfaction.

Our Solution

Our CERIO Comprehensive Wireless Hotel Solution provides Hotels with a centralized solution that not only improves operational efficiency and reduces maintenance costs, but also: