Public Areas / Hotels / Offices / Factories / Hospitals

1. CenOS 5.0 Access Points can be centrally monitored and managed by AM-5000 AP Management Controller
2. When deploying CenOS 5.0 core, access points can use CAP Mode to centrally manage medium sized networks of up to 128 APs through Cerio’s Controller-Less Wireless LAN architecture, or use AM-5000 to manage large scale networks of up to 500 APs

Ideal Deployment



Wireless Access Point Hotel Solution

VLAN Tagging for Hotel Deployment

VLAN Tagging effectively marks packets with a VLAN ID to determine which VLAN the packet belongs to. This allows hotels to deploy multiple VLANs (eg. Guests / VIP) on a port, and distinguish which network each packet belongs to.

CERIO’s hotel solution CenOS 3.0 access points can be centrally managed through CWMS (AP Management Software) or AMR-3204G. Devices operating in CenOS 4.0 can utilize Controller AP Mode (CAP) for providing centralized management in smaller network applications.

DR-3000 provides management for CenOS 5.0 devices and can handle much larger numbers of device and client management/authentication.


CW-400NAC A2

■ Aesthetic and low profile design for easy integration
■ Wireless Network Flexibility through multiple SSIDs
■ Simple time schedule management settings
■ Wireless security through network encryption/authentication
■ VLAN Tag / SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and Web Management


IW-100 A1

Ideal for Hotels, Universities, Airports, Offices, etc

■10/100Mbps Ethernet Port x2
■ RJ11 Phone Line IN/OUT
■ Manageable by CWMS
■ PoE 802.3af Supported
■ LED Control
■ US/EU Standard Faceplates

Main Unit wit US-Type Faceplate Module                                                                                           Main Unit wit EU-Type Faceplate Module

(For Europe / China Specification)                                                                                                            (For U.S.A. / Japan Specification)


Hotel Application Features and Advantages

Hotel Wi-Fi- Today’s vacationers and business travelers often bring with them multiple mobile devices per person. This increase in mobile device usage has skyrocketed the importance of Hotel Wi-Fi.

Travelers Rank Internet/Free Wi-Fi as the most important In-room Amenity. Hotel guests now expect both free and fast Wi-Fi during their stay, making hotel wireless a crucial deciding factor for hotel satisfaction.

Our Solution

Our CERIO Comprehensive Wireless Hotel Solution provides Hotels with a centralized solution that not only improves operational efficiency and reduces maintenance costs, but also: