CenOS 5.0 Demo

Data Sheet

Five Operation Modes

CenOS 5.0 supports five different operation modes for versatile AP deployment

Captive Portal Authentication

CenOS 5.0 supports Captive Portal Authentication with a customizable login page and multiple authentication methods.

Control Access Point Mode

CenOS 5.0 devices all support CAP Mode to provide centralized AP Management.This mode effectively converts an AP into a controller for AP Management

  • 11ac devices support management of up to 128 Access Points
  • 11n devices support management of up to 16 Access Points

Monitor & Manage

Users can conveniently monitor devices statuses such as connected clients and data transfers through our graphical user interface and detailed Device List.

Map & Organize

Control Access Point Mode includes a Mapping function to allow users to organize their deployment setup into a graphical display.
Users can monitor individual device statuses to quickly manage and service their network.

Integrated No-Cost Software

CenOS 5.0 is provided at no extra cost when purchasing our wireless access points.

  • No monthly subscription payments
  • No upfront costs
  • No software licensing fee