Warranty Terms and Conditions

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Warranty Period

Warranty Terms

Warranty Description

Cerio Corporation
【Full Product Line】


2 Years

【First Year is Free】
【Second Year incurs repair payment】
(Special marketing/project product sales are not within the scope of this restriction)

All Cerio products with natural damage or internal failure are entitled to two years of free maintenance.

【Warranty Notes】
Aside from the device itself (Printed Circuit Board), the other components such as housing, power cords, Ethernet cables, and other related accessories are not covered by warranty. ( The power transformer that matches the product category of the POE power supply equipment is not limited to this.)

(1) In order for us to confirm customer orders and active warranty periods, please retain the product warranty card and proof of purchase. Do not remove any serial number labels from the body of the device, as this will lead to troubles identifying the warranty start date. If any labels or components are removed, Cerio will use the factory manufacture date as the warranty start date.

(2) Without the written permission of Cerio Corporation, the customer or other third parties are not permitted to open the devices housing and disassemble, modify, or repair internal components. Any tampering with internal components will terminate product warranty。

(3) Cerio Corporation does not cover warranty for international users that did not purchase directly from Cerio Corporation. Please contact distributors/retailer that the product was originally purchased from.

【During the Warranty Period,Cerio Corporation will charge for the following conditions】
(1) Damage to the device is caused by force majeure (natural disaster, flood, fire, earthquake, typhoon, and lightning) or man-made accidents such as scratching, falling, chipping, cracking, etc. Cerio warranty also does not cover damages that result from non-normal factors such as personal injury, loss of materials, improper storage, damages on delivery, etc.

(2) Damages that result from failure to follow the instructions stated in the user manual or instruction guide.

(3) Damages that result from use of a power adapter/source that was not bundled with the originally device.

【Paid Maintenance Service】

(1) Servicing outside of the originally warranty period will incur a servicing fee. Paid device servicing or component replacement will include an additional one month of warranty.

(2) Based on user’s service situation or history, Cerio still retains the right to reject maintenance/servicing for devices or components that are past the bundled warranty period. Cerio also no longer accepts paid servicing for discontinued Cerio products.

【Warnings and Notices】
1. During the active warranty period, the customer must pay for device shipping to our service center. Cerio Corporation will cover the return shipping service, free of charge..

2. We will base on the date of receipt to determine whether the goods in the warranty period

3. To ensure warranty efficiency, please call our customer service number to confirm warranty information before sending devices in for repair.

4. For repairing damaged products, please fill out the online support form on our Cerio Corporation website. Filling out a support form will automatically send an email with details of your product conditions to our servicing team. The maintenance department will then begin processing your form for servicing.

5. When products surpass the warranty period, customers must pay a $500 NTD inspection fee for our engineers to determine the product issue. If the customer decides not to repair the product, they must still pay the return shipping cost.

6. If the product servicing fee is not paid within 30 days, the company will determine that the customer has abandoned the device and will assume ownership of the damaged product.

7. Cerio’s servicing center only accepts products from Taiwan. Products damaged internationally are not accepted.

8. When visiting our service center for product repairs, please contact our service staff ahead of time.

9. If our technical support staff determine that a product must undergo repair, but the customer decides not to go through with the repair, the customer must pay the return shipping fee. Cerio will not be responsible for storage or delivery of these devices.

10. During product repairs, device settings will likely be reset to factory default. We recommend users save setting profiles before sending devices in for repair.

※If the customer presents a copy of the invoice at the time of purchase, the warranty date will be calculated based on the purchase date.

※Product models that are not listed on the Cerio website are subject to the warranty statement and any announcements made on the official company website.


Please note: The warranty does not cover any accessories, device housing, LED lights, buttons, connectors, power adapters, batteries, cables, etc.

Cerio Corporation Service Center Warning:
Customers are requires to properly package the products when sending them by post courier to retailers or Cerio Service Centers (limited to Taiwan). To contact our maintenance and technical support staff, please visit our website at www.cerio.com.tw or contact us at (02) 8911-6160 #222.
You must provide the following when sending devices in for servicing:
(1) Maintenance form or your name, address, and telephone number

(2) Warranty card, with appropriate purchase date and correct device serial number

(3) If your warranty card does not include the device’s purchase date, you must include the original purchase invoice with product details.

(Product warranty services are only available for Taiwan based customers. These services do not apply to foreign and OEM customers)

CAUTION: Cerio Corporation reserves the right, in writing or on our official website, to modify, interpret, or terminate product warranty service contents listed above.