Cerio eXtreme Power MAN-MESH Outdoor Bridge/AP – News


CERIO MAN-MESH Auto Link Optimization Provides

Total Solution for Mesh Network Application

MAN-Mesh Mode Core Software Main Function

Auto-Configuring Mesh Network

CERIO MAN-MESH provides Intelligent WiFi Mesh technology, Meshed APs self-configure and establish a high-performance, robust, and resilient network automatically. Provide a full coverage wireless network without dead ends.


Self-Healing Networking with Per-Flow Optimization

This technology can prevent network paralysis from occurring. When a node in a mesh network environment is failure through a wired or wireless interface, Mesh will dynamically reconfigure and find the best link and automatically detect To ensure that the connection in the network can continue normally.


Multi-Channel Routing Protocols

Provides Layer3 Intelligent wireless mechanism and advanced proprietary routing protocols and algorithms continuously evaluate link performance by measuring a variety of factors. Wireless APs take measurements individually and work together with neighboring APs to optimize overall capacity and client throughput.


Support MAN-MESH Multi-Channel WAN Backup

When using LAN wired connecting multiple MAN-Mesh APs of WAN for configuration, Mesh will dynamically reconfigure and find the best link through the WAN / Internet route, automatically select one of the best available WAN to access the uplink connection. Therefore, a backup WAN architecture is generated for multiple paths of multiple WANs in the environment. When any WAN in the environment is interrupted, it can be backed up to ensure the Internet connection.


MAN-MESH Wireless CPE/AP/Bridge Product Seires Introduction

OW-408 A1-MESH (Dual-Band)

2.4/5GHz + 8dBi Dual-Band MAN-MESH Outdoor CPE/AP, Built in 8dBi dual band Wide Coverage Directional Antenna
It’s the perfect solution for backhaul deployment of Semi-Mobile mesh network, such as data transmission of public transport system (ex. Railways, Ships, Bus, MRT, Gondola, etc.), through this smart wireless mesh network, which can collect and transmit information in real-time, so that control center can do security monitoring and management. This MAN-MESH equipment can be connected to any Ethernet device to easily build short- or long-distance mesh network applications at the edge site, such as Warehouse and factory incoming/outgoing vehicle, construction area safety monitor management.


OW-500 A1-MESH (Tri-Band)

2.4/5/5GHz + 18dBi Tri-Band MAN-MESH Outdoor Bridge/AP, Built in 2×2 5GHz 18dBi Directional Panel Antenna + 2×2 2.4HGz 5dBi High-Gain Omnidirectional Antenna + 2 external N-Type connectors are assigned to the 5GHz band
It is the best solution for mission-critical applications such as wireless video surveillance and backbone transmission of network services. It can completely solve any difficulties in the network architecture environment that needs to provide wired network nodes. It’s a perfect solution in certain large areas, such as Wireless MAN-Mesh for Intersection monitor Backhaul Deployment.


OW-500 A3-MESH (Tri-Band)

2.4/5/5GHz Tri-Band MAN-MESH Outdoor Bridge/AP, Support 4 external N-Type connectors are assigned to the 5GHz band and built in 2×2 2.4GHz 5dBi High-Gain Omnidirectional Antenna
With external N-Type antenna connectors, you can freely match the antenna to meet the application of wireless backbone network deployment. In addition, it can automatic optimization of deployment of MAN-MESH mesh backbone links, it can also be used as an AP Station to connect terminal wired or wireless devices. Provide a full coverage wireless network without dead ends.