IEEE 802.3bt Class6 DC12-24V PoE Splitter

Max power output up to 57.6Watts

The CERIO POE-PD05S provides Multi Gigabit Ethernet and supports IEEE 802.3bt/at/af PoE standards. It supports an excellent design of hot-switching protection to prevent failures caused by overload, which can prevent failures caused by instantaneous switching of different voltages. The equipment will not cause any damage when the voltage output is changed during operation. It provides DC 12V or 19V or 24V needs for any network or non-network equipment through DC to DC Cable which is included with package. It can take advantage of Power Over Ethernet and place Multi Giga/Giga/Fast Ethernet-enabled products, such as Wireless Access Points, Network Cameras, and VoIP Phone where power outlets are not readily available.

  • Complying with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T, IEEE 802.3bz 2500 /5000 BASE-T, IEEE 802.3bt/at/af PoE standards.
  • Supports Multi Gigabit (1/2.5/5Gbps) Ethernet connection ability.
  • Use to connect non-PoE 802.3bt/at/af devices to PoE injector or PoE switch.
  • Supports Output Volt hot switching for 12VDC/ 19VDC/24VDC three range adjustable.
  • Split the PoE signal into separate data and power, the total distance up to 100M.
  • Supports power reverse acute protection design, and auto restarts to protect possible short circuit, which can reduce the damage caused by the short circuit.
  • When using Active or Passive PoE 60Watts or up as input, the maximum power output: DC24V/57.6 Watts, DC19V/49.4Watts, DC12V/34.8Watts output.
  • Bundle accessories for inside diameter 2.1 mm (PHY) to 2.1 (PHY) mm DC cable.

Product Application

It supports IEEE 802.3bt/at/af PoE standards and provides PoE 44~57V Ethernet power + data input to separate to only DC/Power output and only Ethernet/Data output.